Dear Visitors

Technology today is transforming lives at a breakneck speed. From the era of Industrialization and then Information Technology, we are now entering the age of sustainable development. Our incoming challenges lie in contributing to sustainable development in the wake of global phenomena like the climate change, mass urbanization and rapid population growth, by ensuring that we swiftly develop solutions that are not only economically, socially and environmentally inclusive, catering for all facets of the social strata, but also help keep the detrimental effects of technology at bay from our children and future generations.

Anticipating this kind of future, we now at the Telecom Foundation group are aiming to contribute to the resolution of the challenges by developing and providing state of the art, sustainable and smart technology solutions and services with a view to eventually serving the society through provision of high quality education, health and other social contributions to our mandated welfare subjects across the country. Already carrying a proven legacy of delivering high quality digital connectivity and infrastructure development to organizations as well as imparting education to children across the country for almost 30 years, the Telecom Foundation Group has the necessary foundation and credibility to aptly strategize, implement and grow this new paradigm shift strategic vision.

Zomma Mohiuddin
President & CEO Telecom Foundation.