Telecom Access Network

Telecom Foundation endeavors to keep itself abreast with the latest trends and technologies. Under prevalent exciting age of technological revolution, Telecom Foundation has the capability to adapt it readily. Telecom Foundation does not compromise on quality and conforms to its commitment by effectively using modern technologies

Access network roll out is one of the major business activities / expertise and activities of Telecom Foundation. For execution of mega BLT project of PTCL in 1992-93, Telecom Foundation regional offices were established at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, with many sub offices in other cities. Laying of 218,000 telephone lines for PTCL in 1992-93 was first of its kind and magnitude. The successful execution of the project helped Telecom Foundation to excel in the field of procuring more such works from other organizations.

Proven track record of execution of about 700,000 telephone lines makes Telecom Foundation a leading organization for laying telephone lines in Pakistan. Telecom Foundation has also successfully completed optic fibre cable works in all sorts of soils and terrains. The quantum of such works exceeds 6000 Km which makes Telecom Foundation a prominent entity having a rich experience

Skilled Resource

In Telecom Foundation, we have developed a pool of seasoned, dedicated and technically sound professionals to meet entire business execution requirements. We have a pool of professionals fully equipped with sound knowledge, skill and potential whose invaluable devotion has placed us far ahead of our competitors. We believe in the abilities of our people who have exhibited great potential for working in the most difficult areas of the country under severe climatic conditions.